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Moon Conjunct Neptune


Imagination and sensitivity color this aspect giving the individual a receptive and creative nature. The mind is often drifting off to distant worlds accessible only from within the confines of the head space. Reality can be a drag and sometimes the world has a way of harshing your mellow. Your sensitivity and emotional intelligence is a gift that supports creativity and allows you to become a source of wisdom and spiritual guidance. Idealism and subjectivity shapes how you perceive the world. You prefer to focus on what could be, or should be, rather than deal with cold hard facts. Confronting reality can sometimes be jarring and jade you, driving you to escapism and possibly substance abuse. If the moon and Neptune are well supported by other aspects then self destruction and self sabotaging impulses will be mitigated and channeled into healthier coping methods.

The feelings and emotions may be fickle, waxing hot one minute and cold the next. There is a haze of vagueness and ambiguity surrounding Neptune that makes it often difficult for others to figure out what you’re thinking or feeling. Truth is, you don’t often know either but that may be the key to your charm.

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