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Mercury Trine Saturn


The mind is like that of a chess player who can cunningly assess a winning strategy within the confines and strictures of a system with predefined rule sets. Systems are the playground of this aspect which renders a talent for game theory and tactics and strategy. Saturn fine-tunes the focus of Mercury and applies the intellect efficiently towards the resolution of problems and untangling enigmas. Enhanced concentration allows for the development of greater insight and understanding into the moving parts of a situation. The ability to plan and execute a course of action is remarkable. A disciplined rigor and diligent work ethic aids the development of mental talents. Computer science and mathematics may appeal to someone with this aspect and the capacity for communication may suit them for careers in teaching. A love of learning fuels the constant acquisition of information and knowledge that is absorbed like a sponge.

The lessons of life are not feared but welcomed and beneficial in stimulating the growth and evolution of the mind. This is an aspect that engenders a responsible nature that others can depend on. Routines are comfortable but too much of it leads to stagnation. Venturing outside of familiar boundaries will expand the range of references and enlarge the creative vision.

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