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May Birthdays 1 – 9


May 1 Birthday

Intelligent, and independent, you have a taste for the good life and you possess the ability to acquire it. You have ambition and a self confident and optimistic attitude toward life. You also possess organization skills and an analytical mind that allows you to excel at problem solving. There is a desire to achieve recognition and prove yourself . Your ideas are original and progressive and your energetic passion suits you for positions of leadership.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 7, Dec. 21, Jul. 11


May 2 Birthday

You are astute and sensitive and a compassionate arbitrator. You have a desire to help others and a service-oriented nature. You’re a team player who enjoys being part of a group. Relationships are important to you, and your harmonious energy can restore the peace when things get turbulent. Tactful and considerate, a career in humanitarianism or counseling may be of interest to you. You can be oversensitive and prone to depression so try to keep a more optimistic mindset.

Potential Soul mates: May 22, Jun. 20, Nov. 10


May 3 Birthday

Easy-going and friendly, you have an outgoing and popular reputation. Others find you humorous and amusing. You have a happy demeanor with a sociable nature that can mix with different social circles easily. You are sensual and indulgent with a taste for pleasure-seeking. You may have artistic talents and a way with words. Avoid laziness and over-indulgence and develop more discipline and focus.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 2, Oct. 3, Jun. 6


May 4 Birthday

You are organized and orderly. There is a strong work ethic in you along with a stable, grounded nature. You are pragmatic and sensible and complete tasks with a diligent and efficient manner. Your tenacity and perseverance allow you to see projects through to completion and you take pride in the results. You have a bit of perfectionism in you, and will procrastinate when your confidence is shaken. Don’t get bogged down with rigid procedures and enjoy yourself more.

Potential Soul mates: May 19, Oct. 9, Feb. 6


May 5 Birthday

Versatile and progressive, you are a Taurus with an expansive outlook. Your freedom-loving, adventurous personality compels you to branch out and explore many interests. You have a distaste for restrictive environments and mundane routine. You possess good analytical ability coupled with a sensual nature and you tend to have good luck.

Potential Soul mates: Jul. 26, Jun. 28, Dec. 16


May 6 Birthday

Worldly yet domesticated, you enjoy home life are but compelled to play an active role in your larger community involved in social issues. You are an idealist with a  analytical mind and you apply your problem solving skills to help others. You are outspoken with strong views and may push your agenda in face of staunch criticism. Avoid being overly stubborn and domineering.

Potential Soul mates: Jun. 27, Aug. 23, Oct. 19


May 7 Birthday

You are a cerebral type. You’re reserved with a meticulous scientific nature, and often find yourself lost in reflection. Honest and trusting, you’re naive idealism may put you at risk for being deceived by less scrupulous types. You are a private person with a loner’s temperament and your phlegmatic nature may make you appear cold to others. Try to be less secretive and suspicious and more warm and friendly.

Potential Soul mates: May 10, Sept. 8, Nov. 4


May 8 Birthday

You have an authoritarian nature with executive leadership abilities. You uphold tradition and possess good judgement. Hardworking and ambitious, you have the ability to rise to the top, in your career. Your analytical skills allow you to identify inconsistencies and logical holes. Frugality and a tight-fistedness with finances make make you appear miserly. Try not to overwork yourself and remember to manage your stress.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 15, Sept. 13, Feb. 10


May 9 Birthday

A powerful idealist with altruistic interests, you are an generous person with a magnetic and interesting persona. Your focus is on the bigger picture, forming connections that others fail to notice. A visionary poet, with an expansive and sapient mind, you are philosophical and verbally talented. . Your naive and trusting nature makes you vulnerable to deceit and chicanery, however,  and you may on occasion suffer from an inferiority complex.

Potential Soul mates: May 20, Oct. 10, Jul. 16

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