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May Birthdays 20 – 31


May 20 Birthday

You are a gentle spirit who exercises tact in your relationships. Relationships are important to you and you are an excellent and devoted partner. Friendly and considerate, you may at times sacrifice too much of yourself for others. It’s okay to be a little selfish, and prioritize your own needs. Your sensitive, quiet strength gives comfort to others.

Potential Soul mates: June 7, Dec. 28, Mar. 13


May 21 Birthday

You are a creative, inspirational and outgoing individual. You are committed to your loved ones and a supportive member in your groups. You may suffer a lack of self sufficiency with co-dependent tendencies. Nervousness and anxiety may be an issue so meditation and other relaxation techniques  could help manage stress and maintain emotional balance.

Potential Soul mates: May 8, July 4, Mar. 12


May 22 Birthday

You are a highly intuitive organizer and director skilled in managing teams. You are practical and good with your hands, but may be lacking in vision and long term planning. Egotism may hamper relations with others when your bossy side comes out.  Avoid laziness and exercise a higher standard of self discipline.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 3, Feb. 8, May 2


May 23 Birthday

You are loyal and fun-loving with an interest in travel. You work well with others and possess a bright and creative mind. You are communicative and enjoy interacting with most people but may have a prejudiced side that can create tension with others. Higher learning may be of interest to you and can provide a path to your success.

Potential Soul mates: May 13, Feb. 19, Nov. 1


May 24 Birthday

You are idealistic, honest and candid individual with domestic inclinations. You enjoy time at home and may invest time into making yours beautiful. You dislike routines and redundant regimens preferring spontaneity and spur of the moment activity. You may be bossy at times and should curb your enthusiasm for domineering behavior.

Potential Soul mates: March 28, Dec. 10, May 24


May 25 Birthday

You are scientific and highly intuitive with good people skills. You have perfectionist tendencies and may become impatient when your standards are not being met. Over the top emotional outbursts may land you in trouble so try to keep a lid on it, and channel your energy constructively.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 3, June 9, Oct. 1


May 26 Birthday

You’re a bit of a rebel with a stubborn streak and resistance to authority. You take pride in your familia and want to make them proud in turn. You possess verbal talents and a creative mind that can when harnessed properly may yield success in various endeavors.

Potential Soul mates: April 19, Nov. 7, Feb. 4


May 27 Birthday

You are a creative, witty communicator with a colorful imagination. You are inspirational and possess great mental strength. Disputes and quarrels may arise but your verbal agility allows you to gain the upper hand. You may need to practice stress relieving  activities to unwind your high-strung nerves.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 14, May 28, Aug 22


May 28 Birthday

You are a dreamer with idealistic ambitions. You may be a little too conceited with a need for other’s admiration. Tone down your aggressive tendencies and try to adopt a more moderate approach with people and be more amenable.

Potential Soul mates: July 23, Dec. 13, Sept. 19


May 29 Birthday

Inspirational and balanced, you are a source of guidance and reassurance. You have creative powers and a mystical energy that allows you to access the higher registers of spiritual insight. You may lack focus and be subject to mood swings that others find unpredictable.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 8, May 6, Feb. 12


May 30 Birthday

You are talented with words, fun loving and friendly. You enjoy people and can be entertaining and humorous in others company. You may be erratic, lacking focus and discipline. Organization and planning will help you manage your energy more productively.

Potential Soul mates: June 3, Mar. 9, Dec. 18


May 31 Birthday

You possess originality and creative flair. You are a skilled conversationalist who can engage with most people types. You may on occassion suffer from inanition and lack of direction but are able to find new inspiration soon enough.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 29, June 17, Dec. 5


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