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You are a matador unto yourself who, once inspired by a goal or objective, charges ahead with enthusiasm and energy. The ego is vitalized by Mars’ strength and courage to initiate daunting enterprises and embark on parlous odysseys. Self assured and confident, you confront obstacles head on using your quick instincts to surmount obstacles and defeat adversaries. You are able to take a smarter approach to problem solving when blunt force is not a viable option. You are true to who you are and honest and direct in your dealings with others. You expect the same from people and despise fake pretenses, affectations, and disingenuous snobs. You can be a little too curt and brusque at times, but it is most often not to be taken personally. Your passionate nature can sometimes come out too strongly and make others feel threatened but those who know you best understand that you are just focused on getting things done.

Others can count on you to inject life into dull situations and projects. You like to stimulate activity and excitement wherever you are and naturally gravitate to where all the action is. Your independence is sacred to you and you pride yourself on your self sufficiency and competency. There is leadership ability with this aspect and you have the ability to generate interest and enthusiasm in others around your projects or goals. You are willing to fight hard for what you desire and will do what it takes to make your vision a reality.

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