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March Birthdays 1 – 9


March 1 Birthday

You have an intelligent, imaginative mind and creative talents. You possess ambitious goals with ample confidence to bring them to fruition. Independent and self-reliant, you want to prove yourself and acquire the recognition you deserve. You have original ideas that may receive ridicule from others but that only motivates you to prove the haters wrong. You have leadership qualities and the ability to inspire others with your energy and passion. Avoid being too egotistical and show more restraint.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 24, Nov. 20, Dec. 18


March 2 Birthday

You are intuitive and sensitive with a focus on relationships. You are empathetic and can easily pick up on what other people are feeling. You want to feel part of a group. You have a harmonious energy that can smooth things over when things get turbulent. You are tactful and considerate of others and may hold an interest in humanitarianism or counseling. You can be oversensitive and prone to depression so try to keep a more optimistic mindset.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 9, Aug. 13, May 19


March 3 Birthday

You are easy-going and friendly. Others enjoy your humor and amusing personality. You have a happy demeanor with an outgoing sociable nature and can navigate many different social circles fluidly. You have a creative mind with a rich fantasy world and a tendency to escapism and self-indulgence. You enjoy the company of others who share your taste for the unusual. Avoid laziness and over-indulgence and develop more discipline and focus.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 3, Jun. 9, Aug. 5


March 4 Birthday

You are more organized and orderly than other Pisces. You have good work ethic and a stable, reliable nature. You have the practical abilities that can actualize what other Pisces only dream about.  Your perseverance sees projects through to completion and you take pride in the results. You have a bit of perfectionism in you, and will procrastinate when your confidence is lacking. Don’t get bogged down with rigid procedures and enjoy yourself more.

Potential Soul mates: Mar. 1, Jun. 2, Feb. 10


March 5 Birthday

You are intelligent and versatile. A freedom-loving, adventurous personality compels you to branch out and explore your many interests. You dislike restrictive environments and routines. Your active imagination spirits you away from reality into your inner world of fantasy and idealism. You are sensitive and compassionate and seem to benefit from good luck.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 21, Jul. 11, Feb. 21


March 6 Birthday

You are worldly yet domesticated. You enjoy home life but yet you’re compelled to play an active role in your community involved with social issues. You are an idealist with a  creative mind but lacking in objectivity and analytical ability. You are outspoken with your views and may push your agenda at the expense of others. Avoid being overly selfish and domineering.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 14, Jun. 20, Jul. 18


March 7 Birthday

You have academic aptitude and a rational mind. You’re reserved and meticulous, and often find yourself lost in reflection. You are more honest than other Pisces but aloof, with a loner’s temperament. You are a private person and your phlegmatic nature may make you appear cold to others. Try to be less secretive and suspicious and more warm and friendly.

Potential Soul mates: Mar.12, Jun. 6, Aug. 12


March 8 Birthday

You have an authoritarian nature with executive leadership abilities. Hardworking and ambitious, you have the ability to rise to the top in your fields of interest, which may include technology or social-related ventures. You possess good judgment and problem solving skills but may suffer from a lack of patience. Try not to overwork yourself and remember to manage your stress.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 13, Oct. 9, Jun. 17

March Birthdays

March 9 Birthday

You are a Pisces with a magnetic and interesting persona. Your focus is on the bigger picture, forming connections that others miss. A visionary, with an expansive and sapient mind, you are philosophical and talented with words. . Your naive and trusting nature makes you vulnerable to deceit and chicanery however,  and you may on occasion suffer from an inferiority complex.

Potential Soul mates: May. 30, Sept. 22, Dec. 16

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