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December Birthdays 1 – 9


December 1 Birthday

You are driven and competitive. You have a jovial, optimistic spirit and your strong ego seeks success. People tend to like you, but the haters motivate you and you have the ability to inspire others with your energy and passion.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 30, Feb. 7, Mar. 5



December 2 Birthday

You’re a team player who can share the spotlight, but you still want to shine. You care about your relationships and invest time to maintain them. You have harmonious energy that allows you to get along well with others.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 1, Jan. 15, Mar. 11



December 3 Birthday

You are the life of the party, a social butterfly who can work a room. Self-indulgent and vain, you are nevertheless popular and magnetic. Your friendly nature allows you to form friendships with ease.

Potential Soul mates: Jul. 14, Aug. 12, Dec. 4



December 4 Birthday

Hard-working and organized, you have high standards with a demanding lifestyle. You rely on a structured approach when set about enacting your plans. You are thorough and your handiwork is of great quality.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 5, Feb. 23, Dec. 3



December 5 Birthday

Adventurous and restless, you set off in pursuit of action and discovery. You are active and mentally sharp with an interest in higher learning. You have an expansive philosophical mind and may frequently ponder the deep questions of the universe.

Potential Soul mates: Apr. 6, May 4, Feb. 4



December 6 Birthday

The energy of this day suggests emotional balance and worldliness. You have compassion for humanity and a charitable nature. Activism and maybe politics may be of interest to you.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 30, Dec. 28, Aug. 3



December 7 Birthday

Rational and scientific, you have a cerebral and phlegmatic nature and a taste for problem solving. You enjoy challenges and try to outdo yourself perfecting your abilities and marveling others. You are honest and forthright and may be offend others with your candor.

Potential Soul mates: Npv. 23, Dec. 21, Mar. 12



December 8 Birthday

You are a doer and an achiever who can take the reins and direct a group. You plan ahead preparing for success and your sound judgement guides your instincts. Determined and focus, you forge ahead with resolve and strength.

Potential Soul mates: May 2, Aug. 31, Feb. 1



December 9 Birthday

You are spiritually advanced with an incisive mind and intuitive senses. You are wise and philosophical like Aristotle, and you share your insights with others who seek your counsel.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 21, Oct. 3, Nov. 1


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