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love by elena elendimFERTILE CRESCENT 

Cardinal water and fixed earth is a pairing of mutual benefit. Earth needs water’s hydrating properties to sustain a fertile environment for which life can blossom and thrive. Without the water, the soil becomes desiccated and barren, and thus unable to produce it’s juicy fruits. This principle illustrates the fundamentally harmonious dynamic between Cancer and Taurus. Cancer’s emotional fluidity nourishes Taurus’ earthy sensuality. When combined, the resulting mixture yields a lovely and productive harvest. A beautiful vineyard of passion cultivated in the throes of ecstasy. They bask in each other’s affection, making love on their flower bed or in the erotic orchard of their creation. They immerse themselves in each other stimulating their senses, trusting and vulnerable, it is so natural effortless and beautiful. The attraction is palpable, undeniable and underscored by an implicit understanding for one another.

These two signs hold many shared values and interests. Both place a high premium on loyalty, and security and are not predisposed to perfidy or infidelity once they commit. This is not to say that they do not have their vices. Indeed, the temptation is real for these sensual individuals who love to indulge in sumptuous experiences such as fine dining and adventurous sexual escapades. Taurus and Cancer make excellent partners in business due to their keen interest in money making and nest building. Although they love to enjoy themselves, they are generally conservative with their finances taking care to keep their bank account reserves at healthy, optimum levels. This does not make them, Scrooge McDucks however. They are very generous and willing to help when others come to them in need. Family is very important to both Cancer and Taurus and they are equally supportive of them.

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