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Research Statistics About Each MBTI Personality

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Research On the MBTI Personality Types

There have been many MBTI studies designed to test and supplement the psychological typing system with empirical data. Fortunately for us, we benefit from generations of data already collected, and much of it holds up well with Jung’s ideas. More importantly, these studies provide scientific analysis with which to refine and improve understandings of each type including function dynamics and interaction between the types. Here is an assortment of notable statistics and findings about each Myers Briggs type, culled straight from the MBTI Manual.


INTP Statistics

  • Candid, ingenious, shrewd, complicated, rebellious.
  • Females among 3 lowest on “soundness”
  • Highly represented among college students taking foreign languages.
  • Rated by psychologist among 3 types most likely to have trouble in school.
  • Most frequent among college students referred for alcohol and drug violations.
  • Among females, more to persist in engineering school.
  • Males were highest on “obliviousness index” (relatively unaware of spouse’s dissatisfaction with the relationship).
  • One of three types overrepresented among female substance abusers.
  • Overrepresented among females in a substance abuse program.
  • Overrepresented among males with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • In national sample ranked 3rd highest in “no” and second highest in “not sure” in regard to belief in a higher spiritual power.
  • Ranked fourth lowest in “positive affectivity”.
  • In national sample, third highest in dissatisfaction with marriage/intimate relationship.
  • Males among three highest on 2 out of 3 measures of creativity; females among 3 highest on 1 of 3 measures of creativity.
  • Performed significantly lower on deductive reasoning along with other dominant thinking types.
  • Along with ENTPs had lower grades than would be predicted from aptitude scores among middle school students.
  • Academic subjects preferred: science and art.
  • In national sample, overrepresented in “writing”, appreciating art”, “playing with computers and video games”, and “taking classes” as leisure activities.
  • Most important features of an ideal job: creativity, originality and earning lots of money.
  • Lowest of all types in liking work environments with “clear structures and responsibilities”.and “working as part of a team”.
  • Along with INFJs, most dissatisfied with work they do, where they work, and likely to leave job.
  • Tends toward occupations in scientific/technical fields.
  • Ranks higher on CPI scales of psychological mindeness (Py), flexibility, intellectual efficiency and independence. Ranks lower on dominance, sociability, sense of well-being, good impression, self-control and responsibility.
  • Rated higher than 8 other types in “tough-minded, self oriented assertiveness” as well as “rugged self-oriented individualism” and passive rejection of popularity, going it alone” and lower than all but two type on “obedience to the chain of command, complying with authority”.
  • In a study of the influence of type dynamics on ways of dealing with conflict, tended to compromise.
  • On teamwork variables, were found to value self-oriented individualism that may interfere with teamwork.

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