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September Birthdays 1 – 9


September 1 Birthday

You have an intelligent, analytical and original mind. You have drive and confidence with an independent and self-reliant attitude. You have leadership qualities and the ability to inspire others with your energy and intellect.

Potential Soul mates: May 20, Jun. 18, Nov. 8



September 2 Birthday

Your powers of analysis are supported by your observant and receptive nature. You are service oriented and take pleasure in helping others. You are meticulous and organized with a perfectionist nature and you enjoy functioning in a team role.

 Potential Soul mates: Aug. 1, May 7, Feb. 13



September 3 Birthday

Sociable and friendly, you have a popular magnetism that allows you to make friends easily. You are outgoing and humorous. Vanity and an overcritical nature may make you a fastidious diva. Be more self aware and avoid hypocrisy.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 13, Jul. 21, Mar. 29



September 4 Birthday

You are a sedulous workaholic. Disciplined and organized, you have good ethic and a punctilious nature. You are good with your hands and utilize a pragmatic approach to getting things done.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 24, Aug. 30, Oct. 26



September 5 Birthday

You like to travel and adventure seeking is a part of your life. Intellectually expansive you constantly strive to learn and understand more of the world around you. You are open minded with progressive ideals and a desire to help others.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 17, Dec. 9, May 3



September 6 Birthday

You have interests on the domestic front. Family is very important to you and you invest much energy in supporting your loved ones success and development. You may also be engaged with social issues and local community affairs and you are a pillar of strength others can rely on.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 2, Jun. 8, Mar. 14



September 7 Birthday

Very analytical and cerebral are the people born on this day. You are scientific and rational in your approach to problem-solving, and you do enjoy problem-solving. Underdeveloped interpersonal skills may  make you somewhat paranoid and suspicious of others. You are honest and trustworthy however, and you usually assume the best in people.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 30, Nov. 28, Mar. 5



September 8 Birthday

Leadership and tactical brilliance are indicated under this day. You are a decisive decision maker with strong will and resolve. You may be stubborn and obstinate but you possess good judgement and others can rely on the soundness of your choices.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 25, Aug. 1, Mar. 11



September 9 Birthday

An expansive mind that looks at the larger picture, you are less preoccupied with nugatory details than other Virgos. You possess spiritual insight and psychic ability with a fertile imagination and creative talents. Your abstract intuitions and concrete analysis allow you to develop complete and illuminating perspectives.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 6, Jan. 26, Apr. 20

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