7 Of The Most Expensive Insurance Payouts Ever

Accidents happen, and they often come at a hefty cost. Hurricanes, car accidents, slip and falls... all of these can result in extensive and expensive damage which is why it is important to have insurance coverage to help foot the bill. Some insurance payouts are staggering in their magnitude so here is a list of…

The Critical Parent Role of Each Myers Briggs Type

In cognitive theory, the critical parent role or witch/senex represents the 6th function in a type's cognitive stack. As part of the shadow processes the critical parent indicates the function used to spot weak points in ourselves and others and attack them with scathing criticisms and demoralizing invectives. It’s also referred to as the “demonstrative function” and represents a hidden strength present in every type. (more…)

101 Things INTJs Hate

Each INTJ is a bit different as we are very different people, so the compilation is general and won't be 100% precise for EACH person. Uniqueness is interesting. (more…)

The Devilish Role of Each Myers Briggs Type

In cognitive theory, the devilish role is the 8th function in the functional stack and forms part of the shadow processes. The devilish role manifests under stressful conditions and can be quite negative. In using the process that plays this role, we might become destructive of ourselves or others and engage in behavior that will…

33 Interesting Facts About Astrology


10 High Paying Careers For Introverts

Introverts find themselves in a world dominated by extroverts and extrovert values. Most top paying professions promote the attributes of an entrepreneur; competitive, attention-seeking with a hunger to succeed and get ahead. A willingness to hobnob and play the social song and dance is often necessary. Fortunately for introverts, there are many alternate careers…

The Most Interesting Qualities of Each Myers Briggs Type

I don't always pay compliments, but when I do, I spread them out in affordable monthly installments. It's good to give credit where credit is due and among the 16 Myers Briggs personality types, there are many interesting features to highlight. (more…)

Epic List Of 100 Free Personality Tests On The Internet

Here is a collection of psychological tests designed to assess various aspects of personality. (more…)

Poll: Which Zodiac Sign Is The Most Annoying?

6 Deadly Dicks: Six Killers Named Richard

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