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Here Is Your 2018 Career Outlook Based On Zodiac Sign

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career prospects in 2018 for each zodiac sign

2018 Career Prospects Based on Zodiac Sign

For the most part 2018 is actually a great work year, as Saturn comes home to Capricorn. Mars, Saturn, and Pluto conjuncting Saturn in the first part of the year either frustrated or consolidates efforts to get ahead. Narrowing focus and being patient and picky about what you do is how you win.

This year, we’re all tasked with figuring out what’s a winner, what’s a loser, and which of those winners do we make a commitment. Uranus enters Taurus and then retrogrades back into Aries, and material wealth and security is turned upside down, seemingly out of the blue, and those who identify with their wealth will find themselves the worst off. Continue reading

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