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How Each Zodiac Sign Shows They Care

How the Zodiac Signs Show They Care

While we may look to Hallmark or love languages to tell us how people express their care, there’s actually more variety to love and nurturing than meets the eye. All of us have our own unique way of expressing love that is a mix our personalities and our own needs. In fact, each sign of the zodiac expresses care in a unique way.


Taurus shows that it cares by always being there for you. Once you’re family, or friend, or lover, Taurus has committed to you for life. Some Tauruses are good gift-givers (all Tauruses are good give-receivers) who find out what you like and continually give you the same wonderful thing. Taurus is a queen of denial and may help by enforcing denial, as in it’s not as bad as you think, it’s what Taurus insists it is, and the burden of defining reality is on Taurus. However, Taurus can happily be the sounding board you need because Taurus can sit and listen so long as you don’t ask Taurus to help you in any devious plans.


Virgo is the master of smoothing things out and taking care of the details. In a way, Virgo is the master of caretaking in the subtlest of ways. Virgo won’t weep with you by your bedside if you’re ill, but it will do the dishes, make dinner, go to the pharmacy, change your sheets, and get your kids off to school so you can rest. Virgo will also tell you how to solve your problem and hopes you’ll head the advice. It’s a sure sign that Virgo doesn’t care if it isn’t asking you how you are and trying to make sure you’re eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and taking your vitamins.


Capricorn shows that it cares by providing for you whatever service or thing you need, though it will not come with hugs, kisses, and teddy bears. You know that Capricorn cares because it opens up to you opportunities to succeed. It will provide you with the support you need so long as you remain on an upward trajectory because it prizes ambition and it knows how hard it is to get support for a long-term goal. Capricorn is steadfast and if it cares for you will remain when others have not, so long as you don’t take them for granted. This may come packaged as “tough love,” but Capricorn gives strength to those it loves.

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