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What Each Zodiac Sign Craves In A Relationship

what each zodiac sign craves in a relationship

It may be easy to tell what each astrological sign finds attractive. You can use that to your advantage if you only want to hold someone’s attention for a little while. If you really want to seduce, you have to understand what someone craves. What do they truly want, deep down, that drives them to swipe right, to make a fool of themselves over and over again until they finally meet The One? They may not tell you. They may not even really know how to tell you what they long for, and you probably can’t tell from texting or even talking on a first date, either. However, knowing what they crave (and if you’re willing deliver) can be the difference between creating a spark that fizzles out or of fanning the flames of passion.

The good news is that if you know their astrological sign, you can figure out what they may really want from a partner, and if you’re the partner they really want. Read on to find out what each sign craves in a relationship:

Taurus: Two couch potatoes wrapped in a blanket.

Taurus is happy to get right to the comfortable part of the relationship. They never stop being romantic, but they’d rather make you a candlelight dinner than go dancing. They need comfort and sensual pleasure. They can stay in bed cuddling all night and day. Above all, it craves someone pleasurable to share in the pleasures that hard work can provide. Their lover needs to like food, cuddling, and foreplay, because Taurus craves sensual delights.

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