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The Weirdest Traits In Each Myers Briggs Type

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he ISTP is similarly weird like the INTP. ISTPs can be overly detached and unaffectionate and their romantic partners can sometimes feel starved of attention. Plus, ISTPs can have a stony gaze that makes them look like a cold-blooded sociopath. They can creep people out or intimidate them this way, but beneath their impassive facade is a beating heart of compassion. Many of them are harmless comic-book nerds and the only killing they do is with an Xbox controller. Also apparently many of them are anti-tattoos?

ISTPs are liable to develop strange interests and fetishes. They have a greater appetite for sensory stimulation and may be into things most people can’t handle or understand such as dipping french fries in mayonnaise. They may have a greater tolerance for pain and could be into BDSM and other forms of freakiness. Jeffrey Dahmer was probably an ISTP and he liked to dissect animals in the woods. Normal ISTPs are not nearly that depraved,  and are likely to adore animals, especially taxidermied ones. They also enjoy frolicking in the woods by themselves. ISTPs can be hermits and because they’re so private, people may grow suspicious and start to wonder what they’re up to. Is ISTP hiding something? Is ISTP planning to kill us? Should someone call the Feds?

Most likely no. Whether they’re traipsing across a sunny meadow, or quarantined in a fortress of solitude, ISTPs are busy engaging their world, trying to acquire inspiration through sensation.


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source: Weirdest MBTI Type – Personality Cafe

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    1. Trey

      The ENFP section is pretty off at the beginning. Due to our Fi, we don’t really feel comfortable with sharing deep secrets and emotions with others unless we are very close to them. Just a petty little observation.

    2. Kylie

      For the INFJ section, I feel that the explanation of “weirdness” wasn’t really addressed. It mainly talked about the darker side of INFJs, but nothing to do with quirkiness. For example, INFJs can have a surprisingly dark sense of humor despite their sweetness and innocent appearance at times. And depending on how they’ve developed, they may have a dirty mind, most likely influenced by the company they keep, as well as their development and use of Ni and Se.

    3. Grace

      As an ENTJ, we are not inherently self centered or narcissistic. 1st of all, narcissism is a mental disorder, so anyone of any type can get it. 2nd of all, we’re goal oriented and do seek success, but that doesn’t mean we’re self centered. Many of us have goals to help people less fortunate than we are, myself included. This often is connected to our strong sense of justice. The entj you described in the first paragraph seems like a very unhealthy one, and while they exist, it’s unfair to compare all of us to one bad person, which is something that unfortunately happens a lot with ENTJs.

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