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TYT’s John Iadarola Reveals His Myers Briggs Type

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John Iadarola of the TYT network recently spoke with psychologist Dr. Aqualus Gordon to discuss some facts about the Myers Briggs that not everyone may know. Dr. Gordon, who himself is an ENFP, delineates the true distinction between extroverts and introverts and why the MBTI is such an invaluable tool in modern depth psychology.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator was engineered by  Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. The system was based on the work of renown psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. The mother/daughter duo were not actual psychologists however. Katherine Briggs worked as a school teacher with a degree in agriculture at a time when it was believed that too much education was harmful to a women’s reproductive health.

The MBTI has been utilized prominently in the business sector for screening the temperament of potential employees. The validity of the test has been called into question by some. Critics cite reliability issues due to the inconsistent results received by people taking the test on different occasions.

I’ve taken several forms of the test on the internet and I always get typed as INTP. In general I suspect thinkers may receive more consistent results than feelers because the deciduous moods of a feeling type may variably impact their test responses.

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