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Worst Traits Of Each Myers Briggs Type

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Everyone loves to hear about their best qualities and let the bad stuff get swept under the rug. However, one of the gifts of cognitive theory and the MBTI is the insight it offers about our deficiencies and short comings. Being mindful and aware of our weaknesses makes it easier to hone in on and develop them. Here is a list of the worst traits of each of the briggs myers types.


  • May be prone to struggle with insecurity stemming from their strong desire to be liked
  • Tendency to need lots of positive affirmation in order to feel good about themselves
  • Strongly dislikes criticism and conflict – can be overly sensitive
  • Can be manipulative, passive-aggressive and controlling
  • Tendency to partake in gossip
  • May fall into trap of being a “guilt tripper”
  • Can fall into trap of putting themselves in the “victim” role
  • Can be overly status-conscious and too concerned with what others think of them
  • Can be dramatic
  • Tendency to dislike change
  • May have a hard time accepting the end of a relationship
  • Has a hard time accepting/acknowledging difficult truths about those close to them
  • May neglect their own needs and be overly self-sacrificing
  • Do not naturally possess a strong internal moral code – morals are largely defined externally by their community/surroundings, so it is especially important that ESFJs are raised within/surrounded by a strong value system
  • Their respect for rule of law/authority/tradition may cause them to blindly accept rules without questioning or understanding them

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source: Myers-Briggs Personality Types | tumblr

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