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Worst Traits Of Each Myers Briggs Type

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Everyone loves to hear about their best qualities and let the bad stuff get swept under the rug. However, one of the gifts of cognitive theory and the MBTI is the insight it offers about our deficiencies and short comings. Being mindful and aware of our weaknesses makes it easier to hone in on and develop them. Here is a list of the worst traits of each of the briggs myers types.


  • Can be know-it-alls
  • Tendency to be extremely judgmental
  • Can be cheap/stingy
  • Not naturally in tune with other peoples’ feelings
  • Can seem overly rigid to others
  • May not give enough praise and affirmation to loved ones
  • May feel uncomfortable verbally expressing affection and emotion to others – prefer to do so through actions rather than words
  • Tend to not give themselves or others enough credit for achievements

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source: Myers-Briggs Personality Types | tumblr

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