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Worst Traits Of Each Myers Briggs Type

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Everyone loves to hear about their best qualities and let the bad stuff get swept under the rug. However, one of the gifts of cognitive theory and the MBTI is the insight it offers about our deficiencies and short comings. Being mindful and aware of our weaknesses makes it easier to hone in on and develop them. Here is a list of the worst traits of each of the briggs myers types.


  • Tend to occasionally make serious errors in judgment – when they apply their less developed judgment to their highly develop intuitions, they may jump to the wrong conclusion
  • Can, at times, be overly anxious and worrisome
  • Tend to get bored easily
  • Can be impulsive
  • Prone to hold onto bad relationships for far too long
  • Their enthusiasm may cause them to be unrealistic
  • Not good with or interested in dealing with mundane daily tasks such as paying bills, cleaning, etc.
  • Strongly dislike conflict and criticism
  • May not pay enough attention to their own needs
  • Continual search for the “perfect relationship” may cause them to change partners frequently
  • May (falsely) come off as directionless wanderers to onlookers
  • Tendency to not follow through on projects, usually because they get excited about a new project and abandon the first for the second – this may become a problematic cycle
  • May be overly concerned with being liked
  • Not good with detailed-related tasks
  • Always seeing the possibility of what could be often causes them become bored with what actually is

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source: Myers-Briggs Personality Types | tumblr

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