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Worst Traits Of Each Myers Briggs Type

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Everyone loves to hear about their best qualities and let the bad stuff get swept under the rug. However, one of the gifts of cognitive theory and the MBTI is the insight it offers about our deficiencies and short comings. Being mindful and aware of our weaknesses makes it easier to hone in on and develop them. Here is a list of the worst traits of each of the briggs myers types.


  • Can be smothering and over-protective
  • Can be controlling/manipulative
  • Often do not pay enough attention to their own needs – put others’ needs above their own
  • Often critical of ideas/opinions that don’t match their own
  • May be out-of-touch with what is socially appropriate
  • Highly sensitive to and avoidant of conflict – tendency to “sweep things under the rug”
  • Tend to blame themselves when things go wrong and not give themselves enough credit when things go right
  • Can be unbending and stubborn in some areas
  • Tendency to strongly dislike, fear and avoid being alone – may turn to dark, self-deprecating thoughts when by themselves
  • Tendency to be chameleon-like in their interactions with others (can be positive and negative)
  • Likely to sacrifice personal values if they come in conflict with serving another’s need
  • Prone to feeling lonely even when surrounded by others because of their tendency to conceal their true selves
  • Can be fussy – tendency to be “neat freaks”
  • Dislike impersonal, logic-based reasoning (can be positive and negative)
  • May be a worrier
  • Prone to being overly-sensitive, especially to criticism

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source: Myers-Briggs Personality Types | tumblr

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