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The Worst Fears of Each Myers Briggs Type

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he only to thing to fear is fear itself… or so they say. Whether it’s creepy clowns or haunted houses everybody gets freaked out by something. Depending on the type of person you are, you may find some things scarier than others might. Here are some of the worst fears likely to terrify each Myers Briggs type.

worst fears

  1. Never being anything more than an underclass peasant
  2. Being trapped in a dead end job working under someone they don’t respect
  3. Losing control over their lives and their financial freedom
  4. Lawsuits
  5. Baring their soul to someone and showing vulnerability
  6. Having their assets and the fruits of their hard work taken away unjustly
  7. bankruptcy
  8. Having their dirty laundry put on public display
  9. Getting caught cheating on their spouse
  10. Missing out on major opportunities
  11. PR nightmares
  12. Losing money in divorce
  13. Having their liberties stripped away or getting their ambitions crushed by excessive regulation and rules
  14. Letting their emotions sabotage their judgement



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