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The Opposing Role of Each Myers Briggs Type

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 Opposing Role: Introverted Feeling




  • Feel obstructed in or become stubborn about individual personal values.
  • Tailoring everything to individual personal needs is too much trouble.
  • Retreats to their own personal values (as a defense), which they normally adapt to accommodate others.
  • Inverts their value system erecting a hard stiff wall of what is important and desired to themselves personally.
  • Rigidly following a belief system or what they personally think is important, with accompanying childish and/or selfish behavior.
  • Spend money and time on things that are unimportant and care little about the value of things.
  • Be stubborn about values as they crusade for a particular cause, turning off people instead of mobilizing them.
  • Dwell on conflicts in beliefs, being critical, and locking into their desires by bulldozing others.

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