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The Opposing Role of Each Myers Briggs Type

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 Opposing Role: Introverted Thinking






  • Feel obstructed in or become stubborn about individually understood technical principles and robotically following them.
  • Breaking things down into [individually assessed] trivial detail is stupid, inefficient and a waste of time.
  • Steps aside from the means to the end of implementing efficiency, to referencing the inherent “universal” principles, explaining why this is the way it should be, or why others should understand or act accordingly.
  • May make statements or believe in ideas that are contradictory and illogical.
  • Caught up in pointing out others’ inconsistencies, with a dogmatic tendency to adhere to one principle rather than seeing its distinctions.
  • Can be stubborn about the models and principles they’ve adopted, categorising everything simplistically and robotically following the principles.
  • Prefer not to articulate operating principles and can get stuck in models and frameworks they have learned or adapted.

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