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The Opposing Role of Each Myers Briggs Type

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Opposing Role: Extroverted Intuition






  • Turns toward external stimuli to back up their internal perceptions.
  • Feel obstructed in or become stubborn about emergent meanings and hypothetical possibilities.
  • Probably think that multiple possibilities are absurd. The patterns point to one right conclusion.
  • Over-reading between the lines, often misinterpreting someone’s actions and seeing negative intentions where there are none.
  • Interpret situations in a naive way, inferring malice where none exists.
  • Oblivious to unspoken potentials and get off track with inferences and interconnections.
  • Stubborn about responding to emerging information and locking on to a hidden meaning.
  • Veers away from likely outcomes according to internalized conceptual patterns and merges with the objects themselves, using their open, multiple meanings or possibilities to toss out at others, perhaps sarcastically.

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