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The Opposing Role of Each Myers Briggs Type

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Opposing Role: Extroverted Thinking






  • Tries to beat others at their logic using their own principles.
  • Tries to promote their frameworks as being the most efficient, and in some way get them implemented.
  • Think that agreed upon logical rules are stupid and a waste of time.
  • Spunky Te types might be sexy.
  • Recognizing the need for external efficiency.
  • Feel obstructed in or become stubborn about the way the environment is organized, and other mechanical things.
  • Can become critical, disgruntled with disorder, illogic, or inefficiency.
  • Can become stubborn about organizing things and insist on a systematic approach.
  • Lashes out if others criticize their logic with emotional arguments, and make subjective arguments.
  • Spend unnecessary time establishing order, planning, and misguide themselves and others in the process.
  • “The environment should be ordered in a way that makes sense to me”.
  • Orders the external world according to what makes sense to the “hero” (dominant function). Opposes those who order it differently.
  • Will back up the ego’s internal technical model of how things should be, and thus when the principles are violated, it will be “stubborn” about how things are technically organized.

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