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MBTI Stress | The 16 Types When Overwhelmed With Stress

mbti stress

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When experiencing stress, ENTJs may fall “under the grip” of their inferior function, Introverted Feeling. This may emerge in response to intense emotions stemming from guilt over criticism of others, or having their strong values and/or feelings violated. When this happens, ENTJs are likely to exhibit behavior that is unlike them including uncharacteristic emotional outbursts and isolating themselves away from others while they try to restore control over their psychological balance.

ENTJs are inclined to believe that the source of their distress lies outside of themselves and therefore they’re quick to blames others for their problems. They perceive other people as being needy and illogical, and also systems and organizations as inefficient and hindering. Everything and everyone seems to be holding them back, therefore they feel compelled to take matters into their own hands and set things right.


  • Disruptions to their plans.
  • A Lack of results despite their hard efforts
  • Feeling incompetent
  • Lazy unmotivated people
  • Being in a subordinate roles
  • Inability to realize their goals
  • Hypersensitive emotional people
  • Feelings of guilt for criticizing others
  • Having their values and principles violated
  • Idleness and wasting of time.
  • Missed opportunities

Stress Response:

  • Excessive criticism; categorical negative judgments about people and events
  • Increased irritability, sense of  pressure and anxiety, impatience, and insensitivity
  • Increasing tunnel vision and difficulty listening to input from others
  • Feeling out of  control; distress at possibly losing control
  • Strong emotional outbursts; feelings of vulnerability; withdrawal
  • Excessive sensitivity to feeling alone, left out, unappreciated
  • Sadism, not caring or not being aware when crushing other people’s feelings
  • Viewing others as weak
  • Closed mindedness, not willing to accept any alternatives

Mounting stress and pressure can lead to a complete and epic unraveling of our psychological fabric that gives way to a side of ourselves that others despise. How we respond to that stress and the types of stress we are sensitive to will vary from person to person. In the Myers Briggs type theory, each personality type manifests signs of stress in ways particular to them and the sources and causes of it will differ as well. Although there are life conditions that everyone finds to be stressful, the stress responses of some types can be triggered by events and circumstances that a different type may experience as desirable and energizing.

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