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MBTI Stress | The 16 Types When Overwhelmed With Stress

mbti stress

“Big small world” by adrianismyname – mbti stress

estp stress

MBTI stress


When under stress, which may come from being cornered into commitments or plans in advance, being forced to make decisions or eliminate options before they are ready, or having to spend a lot of time following someone else’s rules and/or schedules, ESTPs may find themselves “in the grip” of their inferior function, Introverted Intuition.  During this experience, the individual is likely to do things that are typically completely out of character.  This may include having fearful fantasies of negative outcomes. They may express paranoid suspicions of impending doom or conspiratorial plots against them.

ESTPs are used to dealing with their problems and frustrations by searching for more external stimulation and adventure. When their situation is causing them to feel disappointed and restless, ESTPs consider it is time to recreate their successful public persona, by either finding a new audience to charm or resorting to grand gestures that will reinforce their image and make them feel popular again. At the same time, their private life suffers from a deep sense of emptiness and intimacy becomes almost impossible as they become increasingly detached from true emotional connections.


  • feeling subjugated and beholden to others
  • performing tasks without adequate directions and resources
  • academic work
  • lack of external stimulus
  • being forced into commitments and decisions
  • having their options limited
  • not being allowed to act in the moment
  • negative low energy people

Stress Response:

  • Increased talkativeness, sense of  pressure, and irritability
  • Increased frankness; insensitivity to people’s feelings
  • Rapid switching among activities; increased pleasure seeking
  • Fears of  disaster and doom; deep significance given to minor events
  • Feelings of  confusion and self-doubt; worry and withdrawal
  • Over-interpreting the behavior of  others as mean-spirited
  • Internal confusion
  • Losing touch with reality, sense of impending doom
  • Clinging onto worst case scenarios

Mounting stress and pressure can lead to a complete and epic unraveling of our psychological fabric that gives way to a side of ourselves that others despise. How we respond to that stress and the types of stress we are sensitive to will vary from person to person. In the Myers Briggs type theory, each personality type manifests signs of stress in ways particular to them and the sources and causes of it will differ as well. Although there are life conditions that everyone finds to be stressful, the stress responses of some types can be triggered by events and circumstances that a different type may experience as desirable and energizing.

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