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MBTI Stress | The 16 Types When Overwhelmed With Stress

mbti stress

“Big small world” by adrianismyname – mbti stress

istp stress

MBTI stress


ISTPs like autonomy in work and are typically stressed by depending on or being in charge of the quality of another’s work. They also struggle in environments where they lack time alone to work, and/or where they are often immersed in emotionally charged environments. They may often find it difficult to be in situations where there is little challenge or variety in day to day tasks or in places where rules are rigidly enforced. When faced with stress overload, which may come from being confronted with intense emotions, having needs for space and introversion disregarded or disrespected (ex. others barging in without invitation or too frequently), or not having their strongly held values and/or feelings validated, ISTPs may find themselves “in the grip” of their inferior function, Extraverted Feeling.

ISTPs have the tendency to resist and reject any requests or situations that do not fit their natural views on life. Afraid of being controlled by others, they protect their freedom by cutting demanding people out of their lives and may start associating themselves solely with those who bear similar, usually antisocial outlooks on things. As the pressure increases, they are very likely to take rebellious stances against society and its organizational systems (government, political parties etc.), whose power they perceive as threatening to their independence.


  • Being in controlling relationships.
  • dealing with emotional irrational people
  • dealing with abstract theories and concepts
  • intense and emotionally charged people
  • Too much extraverting.
  • boring repetitive work
  • being underestimated or feeling under valued
  • having their values disregarded

Stress Resp0nse:

  • Withdrawal and quietness, increased irritability
  • Excessive thinking and cogitating with emphasis on logic; increasing insensitivity to others
  • Become very task-oriented and focused on busywork
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Feelings of  not being liked or appreciated
  • Forgetfulness, disorganization, confusion
  • Passive aggressiveness
  • Sarcastic and mean remarks
  • Vagueness, distractibility, disorganization

Mounting stress and pressure can lead to a complete and epic unraveling of our psychological fabric that gives way to a side of ourselves that others despise. How we respond to that stress and the types of stress we are sensitive to will vary from person to person. In the Myers Briggs type theory, each personality type manifests signs of stress in ways particular to them and the sources and causes of it will differ as well. Although there are life conditions that everyone finds to be stressful, the stress responses of some types can be triggered by events and circumstances that a different type may experience as desirable and energizing.

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