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The Most Interesting Qualities of Each Myers Briggs Type

I don’t always pay compliments, but when I do, I spread them out in affordable monthly installments. It’s good to give credit where credit is due and among the 16 Myers Briggs personality types, there are many interesting features to highlight.

♣ INTJ ♣

“You show us a perspective and an understanding that is both useful and intriguing. We appreciate the way that you constantly search for understanding, even when we fail to do so.”

  • Tend to do well in relatively high-stress environments.
  • Often make ideal electronics engineers.
  • Very smart retail shopper. Researches features and specifications of electronic devices and laptops,  and compares brands thoroughly before purchasing.
  • Insatiably curious and always up for an intellectual challenge.
  • In national sample, lowest in coping with stress by “Watching TV.”
  • In national sample, ranked highest in saying “No” to belief in a higher spiritual power.
  • INTJs excel at creating and implementing innovative solutions to analytical problems.
  • Honest, direct style of communication that isn’t held back by perceived social roles or expectations.
  • Takes responsibility for their own actions.
  • Highest GPA among college persisters.
  • 1 of 3 highest types in liking work environment characteristic “Variety of tasks” as well as highly favoring “Clear structure” and “Independence & achievement”
  • Incredibly efficient. If tasks meet the criteria of furthering a goal, INTJs will find a way to consolidate and accomplish those tasks.
  • Intellectually receptive and open to new ideas.
  • Able to reverse-engineer the underlying methodology of most any system and apply the concepts that are exposed wherever needed.
  • Works well independently in “lone wolf” positions such as mechanical or software engineers, lawyers or freelance consultants.
  • Not threatened by conflict/criticism.
  • Among the 3 male types overrepresented among substance abusers.
  • Take relationships and commitments seriously.
  • Typically extremely intelligent and capable.
  • Able to leave bad relationships, though they may dwell on it in their minds for a while after.
  • Like to optimize their relationships.
  • Highly logical, rational and practical
  • Continually search for ways to improve things
  • Highly conceptual
  • Strongly value intelligence, knowledge and competence, continually strive to fulfill these standards.
  • Quick to understand new ideas
  • Driven not only to understand ideas/concepts, but to apply them in a useful way
  • Natural leaders, but typically prefer to remain in background until/unless they see a true need to take over
  • Highly gifted strategists
  • Able to objectively see the realities of situations
  • Adaptable to change when it is for the sake of improvement
  • Excellent at long-range planning
  • Desire to organize everything they encounter into a rational, understandable system.
  • Often possess highly developed intuitions.
  • Value structure, clarity and efficiency.
  • You’re blunt when you respect someone and even sharper when you do not.
  • Your pet peeve in others is incompetency. And you abhor the phrase ‘pet peeve’.
  • You have a low tolerance for the norm.
  • Your thinking face looks angry.
  • Your closest friends have passed a list of secret tests.
  • You can be cruel to those you perceive as imbeciles or willfully ignorant.

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