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The Most Interesting Qualities of Each Myers Briggs Type

I don’t always pay compliments, but when I do, I spread them out in affordable monthly installments. It’s good to give credit where credit is due and among the 16 Myers Briggs personality types, there are many interesting features to highlight.

♠ ESFP ♠

“You have a way of making even the simplest things turn into something unbelievably fun. We appreciate the way you can find the joy in life, when the rest of us are caught up on pointless worries.”

  • Highly social, friendly and outgoing.
  • Satisfied with “People I work with” in their jobs.
  • In national sample, among types with the lowest income and likely to leave job.
  • Ranked 15th out of 16 types on using physical coping resources and 16th out of 16 types on using spiritual/philosophical coping resources.
  • In national sample, ranked 2nd highest in satisfaction with “Marriage/intimate relationship.”
  • Loads of fun to be around.
  • Thrive on excitement
  • Truly love people.
  • Academic subject preferred: history.
  • Likely quite popular – people tend to be highly drawn to them
  • Fun-loving, enthusiastic, lively
  • Spontaneous
  • Very open to and accepting of everyone
  • Funny
  • Warmhearted and compassionate
  • Laid back, go-with-the-flow kinds of people
  • Usually generous, warm and loving
  • Clever and witty
  • Generally “light and free” kinds of people
  • Often practical and well able to attend to day-to-day needs
  • Interested in making the most of each moment
  • Love new people and new experiences
  • Love to be the center of attention
  • “Live-in-the-moment” types of people
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good peacemakers
  • Sympathetic and compassionate towards others
  • Highly observant and can often sense when something is wrong with someone before others can
  • Great at providing practical care for others
  • Optimistic
  • “The world is a stage,” “life is a party” tend to be their mottos
  • Love to entertain and make others happy


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