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The Most Interesting Qualities of Each Myers Briggs Type

I don’t always pay compliments, but when I do, I spread them out in affordable monthly installments. It’s good to give credit where credit is due and among the 16 Myers Briggs personality types, there are many interesting features to highlight.

♠ ISFP ♠

“We appreciate your ability to see the good in us, even when we fail to do so. You are caring and sensitive individuals, keeping your warmth in an often cold world.”

  • Highly creative.
  • In national sample, among those with lowest income and unlikely to leave job.
  • True appreciators of aesthetic beauty and nature.
  • Warm and friendly.
  • In national sample, ranked highest in “Ever had heart disease/hypertension.”
  • In national sample, highest in coping with stress by “Trying to avoid stressful situations,” “Getting upset or angry and not showing it,” “Sleeping,” and “Watching TV.”
  • Usually optimistic.
  • Encouraging, supportive
  • Good at handling practical, day-to-day tasks
  • Flexible, go-with-the-flow
  • Good eye for beauty, space, function – likely to have lovely homes
  • Take commitments seriously
  • Seek lifelong relationships
  • Typically respectful of others’ personal space
  • Show affection through their actions
  • Focus on enjoying the here and now
  • Keenly in tune with their senses – look, smell, sound, feel
  • Likely to be gifted in the artistic sense in one form or another
  • Have strong personal values and continually strive to meet them
  • Will likely rebel against anything that conflicts with what they feel is right
  • Quiet and reserved
  • Gentle, kind, sensitive, and sympathetic to others
  • Service-oriented and interested in others’ wellbeing and happiness
  • Will put a lot of energy into tasks they believe in
  • Are often animal lovers
  • Original, unique
  • Independent and need their personal space
  • Often appear to be carefree on the outside, but they actually take life quite seriously
  • Searchers for underlying meaning
  • Tend to be action-oriented
  • Hands-on learners
  • Uncomfortable basing decisions solely on logic – they always take into account their strong personal beliefs when making decisions
  • Tend to be highly perceptive
  • Usually very good at reading people


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