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The Major Vice of Each Myers Briggs Type


“Pills And Threeways 2” by hakanphotography


Vice: Trying to Takeover the world

INTJs brood about the future and what they can do to ensure theirs is a successful one. They bury themselves in their work, preoccupied with testing and experimenting with the litany of ideas hatched by their Ni. They want some notoriety or at least something to show for their efforts. They tolerate what they need to and many of them learn to put on a social face to get along and integrate with other earthlings. Underneath their agreeable social mask however, is a power hungry monster who fantasizes about world domination. They want to be in the captain’s chair making the decisions, with a crew of capable peasants to answer their every beck and call. Fortunately, most INTJs are quite competent and would make excellent controllers …err, I mean leaders.

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