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The Learning Style of Each MBTI Personality

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INFJs are most comfortable learning when:

 ♠reading, reflecting, exchanging ideas and linking them to their existing knowledge
 ♠allowed to generate ideas without constraints
 ♠involved with other people e.g. discussing ideas, solving problems as part of a team, feeling it is appropriate to ‘have a go’
 ♠able to stand back from events and listen/observe, e.g. observing a group at work, taking a back seat in a meeting, reflecting on what they have learnt
 ♠allowed to think before acting, to assimilate before commenting, or given time to prepare or to do background reading
 ♠given the chance to question and probe the basic methodology, assumptions or logic behind an idea
 ♠in structured situations with a clear purpose
 ♠asked to assess beforehand what they will learn from a project, and to appraise afterwards what they have learned

INFJs are least comfortable when:

 ♠asked to repeat essentially the same activity over and over again, e.g. when practicing a task
 ♠having to carry out painstaking research, e.g. investigating, assembling information, probing to get to the bottom of things, or when asked to produce carefully considered analyses and reports
 ♠‘forced’ into the limelight, e.g. to act as leader or chairman
 ♠having to stick to precise and specific instructions about how things should be done
 ♠asked to act or decide without a basis in policy, principle or concept
 ♠the focus is on analysis, detail or facts and figures


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