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The Learning Style of Each MBTI Personality

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ENTPs are most comfortable learning when:

 ♠experiencing new problems/opportunities from which to learn
 ♠stepping into the limelight or positions of high visibility, e.g. chairing meetings, leading discussions, giving presentations
 ♠engaged in a wide variety of diverse activities
 ♠involved with other people, e.g. discussing ideas, solving problems as part of a team
 ♠acquiring knowledge which is part of a system, model, concept, theory
 ♠given the chance to question and probe the basic methodology, assumptions or logic behind something, e.g. by taking part in a question and answer session, by checking a paper for inconsistencies
 ♠intellectually stretched, e.g. by analyzing a complex situation, by being tested in a tutorial session, by learning with high caliber people who ask searching questions
 ♠listening or reading about ideas and concepts that emphasize rationality or logic and are well argued
 ♠analyzing and then generalizing the reasons for success or failure
 ♠required to understand and participate in complex situations

ENTP’s are least comfortable when:

 ♠required to engage in solitary work, e.g. reading, writing, thinking on their own
 ♠involved in a passive role, e.g. listening to lectures, explanations, statements of how things should be done, reading, watching
 ♠asked to stand back and not be involved
 ♠asked to repeat essentially the same activity over and over again, e.g. when practicing
 ♠given precise instructions to follow with little room for maneuver
 ♠required to attend to detail or tie up loose ends
 ♠asked to participate in situations emphasizing emotions and feelings


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