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The Learning Style of Each MBTI Personality

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 ISTPs are most comfortable learning when:

 ♠set problems to solve and can engross themselves in the subject
 ♠there are a range of diverse activities
 ♠allowed to generate ideas without constraints of policy or structure or feasibility
 ♠able to stand back from events and listen or observe
 ♠allowed to think before acting or assimilate before commenting
 ♠they can carry out research, i.e. investigate, assemble information, probe to get to the bottom of things
 ♠they have the opportunity to review what has happened or what they have learned, i.e. are asked to produce carefully considered analyses and reports
 ♠there is an obvious link between the subject matter and a problem or opportunity on the job
 ♠they have the chance to try out and practise techniques with coaching or feedback from a credible expert
 ♠given techniques currently applicable to their own jobs
 ♠given immediate opportunities to implement what they have learned

ISTP’s are least comfortable when:

 ♠the learning is not related to an immediate need they recognize or can see, or there appears to be no immediate relevance or practical benefit
 ♠the organizers of the learning, or the event itself, seem distant from reality, all theory and general principles
 ♠there is no practice or clear guidelines on how to do something
 ♠they feel that people are going round in circles, engaging in pointless discussion and not getting anywhere fast enough
 ♠there are political, managerial or personal obstacles to implementation
 ♠they can’t see sufficient reward from the learning activity, e.g. harmonization, shorter meetings, standardization, greater efficiency.
 ♠asked to attend to detail, tie up loose ends, focus on the task in hand


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