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The Learning Style of Each MBTI Personality

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ISFPs are most comfortable learning when:

 ♠engrossed in short ‘here and now’ activities such as competitive teamwork tasks
 ♠engaged in a wide range of diverse activities
 ♠allowed or encouraged to watch/think/check over activities
 ♠able to stand back from events and listen or observe
 ♠allowed to think before acting, to assimilate before commenting, e.g. time to prepare, a chance to read in advance a brief giving background data
 ♠they can reach a decision in their own time without pressure and tight deadlines
 ♠there is an obvious link between the subject matter and a problem or opportunity on the job
 ♠shown techniques for doing things with obvious practical advantages e.g. how to save time, how to make a good first impression, how to deal with awkward people
 ♠they can try out and practice techniques with coaching and feedback
 ♠given techniques currently applicable to their own jobs
 ♠given immediate opportunities to implement what they have learned
 ♠they can concentrate on practical issues, e.g. drawing up action plans with an obvious end product, suggesting short cuts, giving tips

ISFPs are least comfortable when:

 ♠the learning is not related to an immediate need they recognize or they cannot see an immediate relevance or practical benefit
 ♠the organizers of the learning, or the event itself, seem distant from reality, all theory and general principles
 ♠there is no practice or no clear guidelines on how to do something
 ♠forced into the limelight, e.g. to act as leader/chairman, or to role-play in front of on-lookers


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