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The Learning Style of Each MBTI Personality

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 ISTJs are most comfortable learning when:

 ♠engrossed in short ‘here and now’ activities such as business games, competitive teamwork tasks, role-playing exercises
 ♠able to stand back from events and listen/observe, e.g. observing a group at work, taking a back seat in a meeting
 ♠allowed to think before acting, assimilate before commenting, to prepare in advance
 ♠carrying out painstaking research
 ♠given the opportunity to review what they have learnt
 ♠asked to produce carefully considered analyses and reports
 ♠finding themselves in structured situations with a clear purpose
 ♠presented with ideas and concepts that emphasize rationality or logic, and are well argued
 ♠when concentrating on, or being shown techniques for doing things with obvious practical advantages e.g. saving time, drawing up action plans, dealing with awkward people
 ♠given the chance to try out and practice techniques with coaching/feedback from a credible expert
 ♠exposed to a model they can copy, e.g. a respected boss, a demonstration from someone with a proven track record
 ♠given immediate opportunities to implement what they have learned

ISTJ’s are least comfortable when:

 ♠the learning is abstract and theoretical and or practical benefit
 ♠expected to act without clear guidelines or opportunities for planning or practice there is no practice or clear guidelines
 ♠there are political, managerial or personal obstacles to implementation
 ♠asked to do something without warning, e.g. to produce an instant reaction
 ♠obliged to participate in situations with a strong emotional or interpersonal content
 ♠involved in unstructured activities where there is ambiguity and uncertainty


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