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The INTJ Communciation Style |

How do INTJ personality types communicate? What style of communication do they use, and what forms of communication do they prefer? Do INTJs like talking? Do they like writing? In this article and video, from we see some observations of how INTJs communicate.

INTJs are known for their intellectual prowess and this is exemplified in their style of communication. INTJs often possess advanced vocabularies which they naturally acquire from their intellectual pursuits and activities. They prefer stimulating discussions and enjoy explaining difficult and abstruse concepts and ideas to their listeners. The attainment and exchange of information is a pleasure in which they engage both verbally and in writing. Beneath their calm and unassuming facade is an active mind that is always exploring possibilities and piecing together disparate parts of a larger puzzle others would be unable to complete.

Source: INTJ Communciation Style: How INTJs Communicate (Write or Talk)

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