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Taurus Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

Taurus Compatibility with each Zodiac Sign

Just as it’s planetary ruler Venus would indicate, Taurus is a zodiac sign that loves to be in love. Taurus has the capacity to make it work with just about any astrologysign but some signs mesh better than others. Romantic compatibility between the 12 signs is generally based on the planets that govern them and the element and principle they carry. Here is a breakdown of the Taurus zodiac sign compatibility with each sign of the zodiac.


Taurus and Cancer go very well together. Cancer’s planetary ruler is the moon which is in it’s exaltation in the sign of Taurus. Both Cancer and Taurus value security, family and home life as of prime importance. They want to build financial stability to support this end and both signs tend to be very good at making money. Taurus loves the sensitivity and humor Cancer possesses – sometimes hidden beneath a stalwart and aloof exterior. These signs are willing to go to bat for their loved ones and both Taurus and Cancer will be very nurturing and protective of one another.

A relationship between Taurus and Cancer will be built on trust and loyalty. These zodiac signs don’t give their hearts away easily because heartbreak can be especially tough on them. They have deep emotions and they yearn to one day find someone with whom they can share their purest selves in love without fear of rejection or judgement. Taurus and Cancer respect each other’s feelings and they provide support and encouraging words to assuage the despair and distress they may experience in life.

The ebb and flow of Cancer’s moods can create an interesting dynamic on their relationship with Taurus. Taurus has a more stable temperament and they may find Cancer’s emotionality as endearing and attractive. Because of Cancer’s shy nature, the Taurus person is likely to initiate the relationship or express interest even though Cancer is one of the 4 cardinal signs (signs which are known to get things started). However, once that barrier is crossed, the Taurus will begin to discover little by little the playful and loony side of Cancer’s personality. Their energies play well off each other and Cancer may often be the catalyst for new developments in the relationship like moving in together or moving to another location or having children.

Both signs share similar goals and so they will likely have few disputes between them. Taurus may on occasion have some control issues and may tend to be obstinate and unwilling to compromise or go along with any changes to their plans that the Cancer partner might suggest.

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