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The ISFJ Aries | MBTI & the Zodiac

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ISFJ Aries

An ISFJ Aries is an introvert who is likely to be a sensitive yet fierce protector of those they care for. Their deep compassion compels them to be a crusader of goodwill, helping the needy and unfortunate in trying to alleviate their suffering. The ISFJ Aries is bound to possess substantial emotional strength and passion. They may likely channel this into careers in nursing, physical therapy, counseling or into professions in the culinary arts where they can please people with enjoyable food.

The Aries ISFJ is an introvert who cares about people but can become overstimulated very easily by them. Like other introverts, they need to de-stress and recharge with adequate private time in order to sustain their emotional balance. They are highly conscientious and reliable and can carry many responsibilities. The ISFJ Aries can be remarkably selfless and self-sacrificing in what they do for others and they ask for little in return. All they really want is to be valued, appreciated and recognized as the hard-working and diligent individuals they are.

The ISFJ Aries is strong-willed and courageous but from time to time, may suffer from self-doubt and feeling overwhelmed. They believe deeply in their sense of purpose and they are willing to walk through fire to fulfill their duty. They can get a little testy and combative when they feel affronted. The ISFJ Aries tends to be unassuming like most introverts, but they have a feisty side that will come out when they feel threatened or challenged by others. Sometimes this can be a bit of an over-response due to their sensitivity especially to criticism.

Because they are introverts who are also so giving and loving, ISFJ Aries people may be especially prone to burning themselves out. Their tendency to put other’s needs above their own, can come at their own expense. They are tireless and earnest individuals who take their commitments very seriously and may feel guilty when they don’t do what they feel obligated to. ISFJ Aries people are very hands-on and will grab the bull by the horns so to speak when going about their business. They may have the attitude that things won’t get done (or at least get done correctly) if they don’t handle it themselves. They can be a bit anal retentive and argumentative but it is likely because they know they are good at what they do.

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    33 Struggles of Being An Introvert

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    introvert personality

    Introvert personality

    In recent times it’s become more fashionable to be an introvert. A spate of pro-introvert books including Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, probably had a large role in catalyzing this cultural shift in attitude.

    That still doesn’t change the fact that the world is dominated by and mostly catered towards extroversion. Introverts often face many challenges in trying to survive or thrive within the extrovert society and it can often be very taxing. Here are 33 challenges introverts wrestle with on a daily basis. The struggle is real.

    1.) You’re at an office building walking several paces behind someone, and you slow down so you won’t have to take the same elevator as them.

    2.) When living in a household with multiple people, you arrange your sleep habits so that you do things when people are either away or asleep.

    3.) You’re anxious about upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas because of all the family get-togethers and you just can’t wait for it to be over with.

    4.) You spend time fully forming responses to a discussion in your head, but never end up saying them aloud.

    5.) When random people you don’t know try to engage you, you keep your answers brief, in the hopes the conversation will die out.

    6.) You have to make up b**sht excuses for not wanting to go out because “I just want to be alone” is not understood by the majority of the population. And some people take it personally.

    7.) People who don’t know you well often perceive you as conceited or arrogant if you seem confident yet avoid group activities and keep to yourself most of the time.

    8.)When you hear someone knocking at the door and you hide behind something so they can’t see you through any windows.

    9.) When with a large group of people who are chattering away about something, and one of them suddenly asks you, “what do you think, Castruccio?”, and you have no idea what to say because you’ve been zoning out the entire time and haven’t heard a word of the conversation.

    10.) You prefer to use your own car everyday, than car polling with your co-workers, because you can’t stand talking and make ridiculous conversations through out the ride.

    11.) You create colorful characters in your mind to compensate for the grayscale palette of people around you in real life.

    12.) There are like two people who you actually consider a friend.

    13.) You avoid eye-contact, since that may lead to chit-chat.

    14.) You go through the McDonald’s drive-through, receive your food, then park your car in the parking lot just to avoid prolonged human contact while you eat.

    15.) You can manage to joke around and have a conversation with the person behind you in line to buy groceries, but then you start to feel really awkward and anxious and pay as quickly as possible and leave without saying goodbye because you don’t know what else to say….

    16.) You know you are an introvert when you are talking to someone and get interrupted by someone else and you stand there for 5+ minutes saying nothing until their conversation is done.

    17.) When you only go to the grocery store after 10 PM because it is so calm and empty. A lot less chance of bumping into people you kinda know.

    18.) You have an escape route and/or hiding place for when people ring the doorbell.

    19.) When you hide in the bathroom for ten minutes while other people are saying long emotional goodbyes.

    20.) When you go into complete panic mode when you’re in a situation where you can’t escape other people.

    21.) You’d rather be outside, waiting in the sweltering sun than to have to wait inside a place where it’s overcrowded, noisy, and filled with loud teenagers and their profane, asinine talking.

    22.) When you drive around the block three times before going to your class reunion and have to force yourself to pull into the parking lot and walk in.. and then you’re so frozen you embarrass yourself by not recognizing people right away.

    23.) When you jaywalk across the road just to avoid talking to someone on the sidewalk.

    24.) You become secretly relieved when a social event gets cancelled, this means you can stay home.

    25.) You tell your parents and entire family not to bother buying tickets to your graduation because you aren’t going. No ifs, no buts. It’s not happening. They can just send your diploma in the mail.

    26.) You know you’re an introvert when you count the number of people in a room before deciding weather or not it’s worth going into.

    27.) You sometimes find lying a much better option because explaining is such a herculean task to do.

    28.) When you can’t stand going shopping with people and when you are in the store you don’t want to hear the phrase “how can I help you?”

    29.) You prefer texting to making an actual phone call, and Facebooking to actual human contact. You don’t always mind talking to people, but get tired of it after some time.

    30.) You’d rather go to a dental appointment than a nightclub.

    31.) You know you are an introvert when, just after recharging, you are jealous of the extroverts all around you who can socialize normally and easily have friendships and whatnot, but just before recharging, all you can think is, “UGHH I HATE ALL YOU PEOPLE SO MUCH JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!”

    32.) You stay up late, partially because it takes you that long to unwind after being with people all day, and partially because you need your alone time before it happens all over again tomorrow.

    33.) You finally found somewhere to sit that’s away from everyone else, then feel personally attacked when someone sits by you.



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    Beyond Personality Type. We Become What We Are Passionate About.

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    Brian Little is a research professor at Cambridge University and author of the book Me, Myself and Us. He is an unapologetic self proclaimed introvert and personality enthusiast who is fascinated by the psychological similarities and differences between people.

    In his TED presentation he shares, with amusing insight, why we sometimes do not appear as we really are. How factors both external and internal draw behaviors out of us that run counter to what our “type” would indicate.

    Professor Little explains that we are lead foremost by our passion and will adopt the behaviors necessary to serve that interest. A natural introvert with a passion for teaching will be compelled by their passion to extrovert themselves to fulfill this task. This of course doesn’t change the introvert’s fundamental nature. This simply illustrates that our personality development is more complicated than what we can be conveniently labelled as.

    We are malleable and protean, and can potentially slip into any role we are sincerely motivated to fill even if it is in stark contrast with our natural inclinations. And we do this not because it is how we really are, but because it serves a purpose we really value. Of course, introverts will have to withdraw afterwards and seek much needed solitude to recharge themselves after all that draining extroversion 🙂


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