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Are Scorpio and Pisces Soulmates? (The Scorpio-Pisces Attraction)

scorpio and pisces relationship

Are Scorpio and Pisces Soulmates?

Why do Pisces like Scorpios?

When Scorpio and Pisces meet it can be love at first sight and it’s likely the complementary power dynamic that may contribute to the Pisces Scorpio instant attraction. Pisces is drawn to Scorpio’s strength and confidence. Scorpio has a magnetic charm that Pisces is likely to be entranced by. They are comfortable with Scorpio’s will power because Pisces is a mutable sign which makes them “go with the flow” type of people. They do not put up much resistance because they are so open minded and adaptable which allows them to work with or around the more obstinate nature of Scorpio’s fixed principle.

Pisces appreciate that Scorpio is very protective and possessive of them but they should be careful not to arouse Scorpio’s jealousy or give them reason to be suspicious. Pisces can be a little flirty and prone to lying which can trigger Scorpio’s vindictive wrath. Scorpios take fidelity very seriously and so toying with their emotions is not a good idea. Scorpio man Pisces woman chemistry may also be attributed to the fact that Pisces’ enigmatic and ambiguous nature can present an object of intrigue to Scorpio.

Scorpio’s fascination with secrets compels them to try and unravel whatever Pisces may be hiding or withholding from them in the relationship. Figuring people out is like a game for Scorpio and they are typically quite good at it. They are naturally perceptive and psychologically astute. Pisces may feel a bit exposed by Scorpio’s insights and become lost in their penetrating yet soulful eyes.

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