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Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope

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Pisces Horoscope – February 14, 2018

Today you may produce some bright ideas that may call for some significant changes. You are probably feeling a bit more assertive and better able to promote yourself and obtain what you need to help further yourself. At work you may have an opportunity to prove yourself and being attentive and paying close attention to subtle details will give you a leg up on others. Give careful thought to the way in which you speak, especially when dealing with the boss or a major client.

Pisces Horoscope  – February 13, 2018

Your path forward in life may feel a bit murky and uncertain at the moment. It may be a good time to break from the routine and go on a short sabbatical. New opportunities lie ahead but for now, you should take time to reflect and rejuvenate your spirits. Make decisions carefully. You will likely have the pleasure of having discourse with like-minded people and can look forward to charitable works and activities of social welfare. You will find satisfaction in group endeavors. Help inspire loyalty and cooperation and your group will have success.

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