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Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Among the 16 personality types defined in the Myers Briggs type indicator, 5 of them have been recognized to be highly correlated with success in business and entrepreneurial skillsets. Those types are ENTP, INTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ, ISTJ. These personalities feature the cognitive preferences that are most aligned with traits associated with high achievement and ambition. These types also rank the highest in earned income and each share the Thinking (T) preference. Thinking and judging appear to be the strongest factors involved in executive leadership ability. However, intuition (N) is  associated with the ability to envision possibilities and recognize opportunities which are quintessential traits to all successful entrepreneurs.

When we think of great CEOs, legends such as Steve Jobs and Walt Disney come to mind. Many of the world’s most prolific and prestigious tycoons and moguls however, do not belong to any of the 5 types specified above. Oprah Winfrey for instance has been typed as ENFJ, Richard Branson as ESFP, Donald Trump; ESTP, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin are both cited as being INTP. This shows that while certain types possess qualities more condusive to successful entrpreneurship and leadership, it does not mean other types cannot succeed and excel in these areas as well. The MBTI tests for preferences; not ability. Regardless of personality type, it is apparent that all successful entrepreneurs share key strengths that allow them to climb the ranks and become captains of industry.

3. Decisiveness

decision making

Jason Demers, the CEO of Audience Bloom states decisiveness is good because it “increases your authority and reputation as a strong leader, earning you your team’s respect and allowing you to set an example at the same time.” The ability to act decisively and make good decisions quickly especially when under pressure is crucial in business and in this regard, judging types hold a distinct advantage over perceivers. Perceiving types tend to be allergic to commitment and making binding decisions that could lock them into something they can’t easily back out of. Judgers such as ENTJs and ESTJs favor structure and are more comfortable with following through on their pledges and keeping promises.

They take their decisions seriously and are typically very reliable and can be counted on to keep their word. They are able to be this way because they thoroughly consider the implications and consequences of any direction they decide to take so that once they make up their mind, they invest themselves with unwavering determination to make it work. Entrepreneurs are ultimately initiators who get the ball rolling and they take action systematically to make serious progress and get results.




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