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Misplaced and/or Misdirected Cognitive Function Series | MBTI Listings

Extraverted Intuition

The following are only a few of the ways in which the Extraverted Intuition (Ne) function of a person is misplaced and/or misdirected:

Blowing matters out of proportion; exaggerations have their time and place for worthwhile effects and can be quite comical and illustrative, but it’s a different case when something important is at stake.
Taking matters out of context; finding similitudes between differing areas can be clever and even brilliantly illuminating as long as it retains veracity or is at least made clear that fiction is heavily at play.
Insensibly filling the gaps; guesses and approximations can push us to discover, to find out what is missing and what else is or could be there, but there isn’t always an invitation to throw in whatever we can think of.
Changing and believing versions significantly removed from reality; seeing beyond what is apparent and searching for alternate ways to look at things can be honorable and admirable, but it can also be disastrous when done without sense.
Emphasizing possibilities to the detriment of positive potential; becoming enthusiastic and/or cautious of what might be may serve growth and more, but mindfulness and restraint may be required to bring forth and protect the better of it.
Extracting and highlighting pieces and patterns in a manner that distorts and/or debilitates;there’s much to everything and what’s selected from it can greatly, for better and/or for worse, impact things.
Repeatedly going in circles and/or attempting to follow too many tangents at once;broadening and revising perspectives aids clarity and grants wisdom, but some amount of focus and direction may be necessary for this to be fruitful.
Overwhelming to exhaustion and suffocation; being quick-witted and bursting with ideas is a valuable talent that can be relieving and enlivening if it leaves room for and helps breathe.
Sacrificing depth and quality for the sake of multitasking; sometimes slowing the pace and committing to only a handful of tasks can be more productive and fulfilling.
Selfish and obsessive fascination and discussion of subjects; being curious and exchanging knowledge can be rewarding for everyone involved if reasonable boundaries and privacy are respected.


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