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Misplaced and/or Misdirected Cognitive Function Series | MBTI Listings

Introverted Sensing

The following are only a few of the ways in which the Introverted Sensing (Si) function of a person is misplaced and/or misdirected:

– Remembering things as worse or better than they actually were; in some cases, it’s okay to see things in a different light to be able to honor some sides of them or to be firm in not repeating them, but be watchful not to believe these versions as indisputably exact.
– Having memories jumbled up inside, blended and confused; without taking the time to sort them out and appropriately group them, their sources, dates and more can be lost.
– Assuming that a few similarities signify total sameness; while it’s definitely important to take note of certain signs to know and understand what we’re facing and dealing with, being too quick to judge can lead to many overgeneralizations.
– Holding onto and investing in something mostly or only because of familiarity; it’s fine when it’s truly valuable or not too problematic, the issue is in tolerating and enduring for too long what one could be better off without.
– Expecting and demanding more consistency than is reasonable; not everyone is going to be as consistent as one would like them to be (not everyone can, should or has to). And in some cases, some simply do not care enough to and you’d only be driving yourself crazy and wasting your time (or other resources) trying to make them.
– Dismissive skepticism toward ideas and visions; believing ideas and visions without enough proof that they have any merit can be naive, but keep in mind that many things that once seemed impossible are now evident. Skepticism can instead contribute, for better or for worse, to clarifying, fleshing out and polishing ideas and visions.
– Being closed off to anything new or different; be it out of fear, pride or something else, it might be too terribly prolonged and keep one in the dark or even deteriorate their health.
– Refusing leaps of faith or steps toward the unknown; not that leaving the comfort zone and taking risks must be done 24/7, but sometimes it’s worth it. You can move forward and still be wisely cautious.
– Hoarding possessively and/or with disregard; there may be collections of personal value that are well guarded and venerated, but be careful not to fail to see their worth or how they burden you. Decluttering and minimizing is at times essential (and so is proper treatment).
– Failing to check for or see the relevance of facts; speculation and taking things at face value can only go so far, this function is to be accessed, among other things, for veracity.


source: mbtilistings

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