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Misplaced and/or Misdirected Cognitive Function Series | MBTI Listings

Introverted Feeling

The following are only a few of the ways in which the Introverted Feeling (Fi) function of a person is misplaced and/or misdirected:

Championing a lost cause; being invested in a cause that, realistically, is too much for them to be able to help move forth or that’s simply not viable given the conditions and circumstances.
Unreasonable moral standards; having excessively rigid and/or high “moral standards” which are, in many cases, nearly impossible to reach and/or doing so comes at the cost of much that’s of equal or more importance.
Unreasonable indignation; being easily and visibly displeased by anything less than “perfect” according to their own personal values.
Immoderate self-centeredness; more than being personally concerned with only themselves for some time, being so to the point of egotism and conceitedness – believing much outside themselves that they haven’t earned or deserve should be for them, at the cost of others and against others’ will.
Inflated sense of uniqueness; believing themselves so different and special that it must automatically mean they’re more significant and valuable than most others.
Poor self-reflection; not taking the time to truly reflect, get to the root emotions of their views and beliefs, and rearrange their inner world for the better.
Romanticizing suffering; while suffering might enhance wisdom and empathy, this can be taken too far and be done for too long, leading to detriment and stagnation – or worse.
Holding on to what should be let go of; remaining with someone or something that is mostly bad or wrong for them by fixating on the tiny bits that make it feel worthwhile, hoping things will change even though they continue to show no signs of this.
Projection; assuming they understand others when, in reality, they’re only attributing their own motives and intentions to others.
Excusing and justifying the inexcusable and unjustifiable; searching for ways to bend and twist perceptions to make the wrong seem right.


source: mbtilistings

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