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Misplaced and/or Misdirected Cognitive Function Series | MBTI Listings

Extraverted Thinking

The following are only a few of the ways in which the Extraverted Thinking (Te) function of a person is misplaced and/or misdirected:

Overconfidence and recklessness; being bold and taking risks can be important, but it can be taken too far – to the point where much more is lost than what was ever there to win to begin with.
Over-controlling and micromanaging; people and things need time and space to work and be productive, being over their shoulder too much throughout the process may sabotage the possibility of better results.
Over-delegating and entitlement; expecting and demanding from others to take care of tasks they could and should handle themselves.
Being overly simplistic and dismissive; instead of being mentally agile and effectively reaching correct conclusions, information is carelessly processed and incorrect conclusions are believed.
Sacrificing quality to be cost-effective; while there may be instances in life where this is the wiser choice, it is not as often as it may appear. Producing for the sake of producing can be counterproductive in many ways.
Unyielding fixation on methods; learning a procedure and stubbornly adhering to it even when it shows to be more problematic and defective than others available to adapt to.
Excessive ‘pragmatism’; continuing to choose what seems easier and safer over finding creative solutions to problems.
Excessive elitism; rather than simply finding mind-mates and relatable people, looking down on and rejecting others based solely on perceived and imagined status.
Brutal and dishonest communication; under the excuse and delusion of “just being honest,” unnecessarily saying harmful and distorted things.
Projection; assuming they understand others when, in reality, they’re only attributing their own motives and intentions to others.


source: mbtilistings

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