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The Mischief Each Myers Briggs Type Gets Themselves Into

The Wizard of Oz


[dropcap]E[/dropcap]SFPs are charming little buggers who love being showered with attention and affection. But behind their enchanting smiles, can be a conniving con-man/woman who knows what buttons to push to get what they want. ESFPs can also be hedonistic sensation seekers who live for the moment, extracting as much excitement and fun as they can. As a result, they can be tempted to become very immoderate in their debauchery and easily spin out of control. They can fall down the rabbit hole of addiction and dangerous self destructive behavior.

ESFPs love to feel good and they have a weak spot for sensual pleasures and instant gratification. They defy the boundaries of acceptable behavior, and enjoy shocking and impressing people with their antics and provocative hi-jinks. Their impulsive and thrill seeking tendencies will no doubt lead to many flirts with disaster. Their actions can appear very reckless at times to the point that people wonder whether they’ve lost their minds.

ource: INFJ In Depth – Discover Your Strengths and Make the Most of Your Personality

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