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The Mischief Each Myers Briggs Type Gets Themselves Into

The Wizard of Oz


[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ike INTPs, ISTPs also want to know how things work but not in regards to concepts and theories but rather that of concrete physical objects. ISTPs therefore may find themselves in trouble when their desire to figure out what’s in the “secret sauce” turns into a sticky situation. Because of their ability to reverse engineer, ISTPs can sometimes use this skill to hack into things or gain access to things for which they are not granted permission. Since ISTPs are known to be something of mavericks, they may have no qualms about defying inconvenient laws or social mores if they can get away with it.

ISTPs can also be clever pranksters able to devise elaborate gags ranging from childish to borderline cruel. Their physical dexterity and knowledge of human behavior allows them to play tricks on unsuspecting victims. They likely derive great amusement out of seeing others fall into their traps like a fly in spider’s web. If they’re not careful, their harmless fun can backfire and end up burning them in a bittersweet twist of poetic justice.

ource: INFJ In Depth – Discover Your Strengths and Make the Most of Your Personality

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