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Here is the Story Arc for Each MBTI Type

mbti type story arc

Each one of us is the protagonist of our own story and one of the important aspects of story is good character development. Characters at the beginning of a story are incomplete in some way that events of the story will serve to resolve or make whole. In real life, each MBTI type has its own figurative dragons to slay by virtue of their inferior function struggles and the quest to integrate and cultivate healthy use of their cognitive functions. Here is what the story arc for each Myers Briggs type development looks like.


INTJ starts out as someone who is preoccupied with improving themselves and chasing an ideal that is very personal to them. Their self-image is wrapped up in perfection but then an opportunity or crisis arises that renders their current abilities inadequate. They must push themselves physically and venture outside their comfort zone of perfection and control, and allow themselves to be more animalistic, reactive to their environment, raw and spontaneous. They must learn to let go and be more in the moment and rely on their instincts to guide them. In the process, they become intoxicated by the sensual world they have for so long denied themselves. They push themselves to the brink of their limits and it takes a toll on their mental health. As they get closer to their goal, they become more and more stressed and psychologically chaotic. In the end, after finally conquering their inner chaos, they are able to pull themselves together and execute the performance plan successfully.


INTP starts out as someone who thinks that they have it all figured out. They attained a level of self-sufficiency and security and they feel that most people have nothing to offer them. It may be that they are obsessed with the details of some event in their past which is connected to their jaded and nihilistic lack of care about anyone and everything. An opportunity or crisis emerges that involves a group, society, or INTP’s family. Some type of person or group of persons are being taken away, threatened to be taken away or being introduced to INTP. In order to protect their interests, INTP must either immerse themselves with some group to accomplish some goal or they must fight to restore or protect the group from someone or something. In the process, INTP’s individualism and aloofness clashes with the group dynamic. INTP is presumed to be arrogant or cold when really they are just socially awkward and shy. They have interpersonal hurdles to overcome. Certain bonds are formed and INTP learns to be more affectionate but their feelings start to conflict with their fear of losing something specific. INTP is forced to make a tough decision that alienates them from the group. At their lowest point, INTP makes a breakthrough about the past that never made sense until now (the key insight that was right in front of them all along) that changes the game and allows INTP to come back and save the day and regain everyone’s trust and support.


In the beginning, ENTP is someone who suffers from a lack of focus and is too busy trying to be charismatic and admired for their wit and creativity. They display a lot of irresponsible behavior and fail to tend to the regular day to day duties and are often late and forgetful of details and specifics. They are very codependent and rely on the people around them for validation and help managing their life. A crisis or opportunity occurs that forces the ENTP to rely on themselves to do things that they previously relied on others for. Accomplishing their goal requires them to remember as much as they can and dig into the past to find answers. At the same time, a very detail-oriented and methodical antagonist enters the picture who is committed to their duty in catching and taking down the ENTP. In the end, ENTP is able to piece together the puzzle using their Ti and discover the truth that will set them free and defeat the antagonist.


ENTJ starts out as someone who is out to conquer the world. They are nailing it and their success is hard earned. They are either quickly rising up the ranks or are already at the top enjoying the view. Every day they are motivated by a desire to keep pushing and rack up more victories. They may have been consumed with ambition to the extent that they have been cutthroat and ruthless. They may have behaved sociopathically and exploited individuals along the way. At some point, a crisis occurs that causes them to lose everything and they are reduced to an unfortunate position in a very karmic fashion. Alternately, an opportunity to get ahead or attain something they deeply desire may force the ENTJ to go against their values or adopt a different value system more conducive to their goal or situation. In the end, ENTJ is made to finally understand the consequences of the choices they have been making and they set out to do the right thing and become a better person for it.

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